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Jarhead farm sells the freshest produce harvested directly from the gardens.  You point to it and we pick it.

Our real objective is to educate customers, the community, and the consumer about global warming and the easy steps we can take to reduce carbon emissions.  We can demonstrate the results of no-till, chemical free farming.


We have an urgent responsibility as humans to reduce carbon emissions.


At Jarhead Farm we are passionate about clean food grown in clean soil.

This practice produces healthy plants yielding more vitamins and minerals with a higher nutritional value than the produce you're buying at your supermarket.

When you visit the farm we will show you how to start and care for a garden with nothing but a few tools that you already have.
with 55 years experience we will gladly engage you in discussions about carbon emissions, plowing, mulching, plantIng and harvesting.
and we offer the freshest produce, jam, and BROWN eggs directly from the farm.


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